How to Be Successful In This Course

Hello Yogis,

Here are my suggestions on being successful in this course:

1) Order all materials in advance that you know you will need. You can get more details about them in the beginning of this Journey Together section of this training.

Heart of Yoga book (the Yoga Sutras is at the end of this book so you don't need to also order this)

Yoga and Vegetarianism or Yoga and Veganism

Anatomy and Asana by Susi Hately ( you will NEED this book to do your studies and quizzes on the teachable platform and in the class)

2) Print out the Main Manual, Mudras book, the Sequence Chart, and the Restorative Manual. OR be eco-friendly and keep them online.

3) For the restorative portion of this course you will need 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1-2 bolsters, and a long, double D ring strap. Improvising is ok too. You can use large/long cushions or long pillows, long series of kitchen towels for a strap, heavy books for blocks or sturdy square cushions.

Daily you will need time for:

A) Day Work/Homework (practices, reading, and prep work for the online gathering) allow 1-2 hours daily.

B) Online Gathering - aprox. 4 hours ( from 2-6pm pacific time) - you should show up for the majority of these. We will send the recordings to those who can't make it (technology providing) but can't always guarantee them to be sent in a timely manner. They also only last for 1-2 days on zoom. If you're taking the course not to teach, but to deepen your knowledge, you can do more self-paced work. If you're planning to teach, please try to be at the Online Gatherings as much as possible. This is where you learn your teaching voice, and all of the teaching methodology I can offer online. You also get a chance to ask unlimited questions.

C) Evening Sadhana (you may prefer to do this in the mornings) which begins about day 3. Includes self-practice of: pranayama, meditation, and contemplation on 2 yamas or niyamas. This is an important part of the training as it helps you to build your Yogic Lifestyle. Allow 30-40 mins. daily.

D) We will have Sundays to rest and catch up on any online work.

Because this is an online course, you are not pushed to graduate on the date given for the end of the course. You can self-pace and finish within one year of starting. During the course time, Anna will send you recordings of any online gatherings you have missed.

IMPORTANT! You MUST complete all parts of the online training (watch all videos, take all quizzes, read all texts) to be considered a graduate of davannayoga (receive your certificate of completion) You have up to one year to do this from the start date, however, the materials will remain accessible, long after this. It's ok not to graduate with the group you started with. Sometimes life gets busy.

Remember to read the Online Curriculum for details on your essays on Heart of Yoga and Yoga and Vegetarianism. These are the only two necessary.

In bigger courses (with more than 5 students) you will also send in a video of you teaching a class. This video can be up to 1 hour in length. Please follow davannayoga sequencing guidelines. The class can be vinyasa, dynamic vinyasa, hatha, restorative yoga or a pranayama tutorial. Please send these to [email protected] as a dropbox link for ease of viewing.

How Do I know when I'm DONE?

  • Your video is sent in ( if you were required to send one in)
  • Your two essays are completed
  • All Videos, days lessons, texts and and all quizzes in the teachable platform are completed.

When you are ready to register with the Yoga Alliance, have a copy ready of your completion certificate electronically to share with the Yoga Alliance.

I am happy to help in any way and look forward to leading you in this wonderful yoga journey.

Om Shanti,


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