Technique #2 Aum Mantra Meditation

AUM Mantric Meditation: The sound “Aum” or “Om” is a widely used mantra. “Aum” is said to be the sound of creation, echoing down from creation through the millennium, and heard by adepts in the deepest of meditations. The mantra is divided into 3 parts. Aaaaaaa...Ooooo...MMMMMM...., but all three syllables blend together into one sound. The Aaaa starts in the back of the mouth, and moves into the mouth with an Ooooh, and rolls off of the lips with an Mmmmm humming noise (tongue pressed against the palate to vibrate the upper chakras) .

The first sound of Aaaaaa represents birth, separation, or creation.

The second sound of Oooooh represents balance or preserving.

The third sound of Mmmmm represents death, surrender, or oneness.

The Silence from which the AUM sound rises, and into which it submerges again represents the void from which all things come into being.

The Aum mantra can be chanted out loud, or repeated silently in your mind. Breathe in silently. As you breathe out slowly and smoothly, repeat the mantra. The slower and smoother you can repeat the mantra, the better. Breathing in silently, repeating Aum on the exhalation. Note: this same mantra can also be pronounced OM by dropping the ‘aaa’ sound. 

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